Makeup tips/ hair styles for me:)?

This is what I look like:

I'm 13 so no heavy makeup, this year I just started wearing mascra and I want to wear a little more but nothing heavy. Something I can wear to school.

What color eye shadows, lip glosses, a foundation or concelar, I don't have a clue


Also use the color wheel as your guide to make your eyes really pop.

Eyes: Shadow Color:


Brown~~neutral browns

Blue~~Blues, Oranges

Hazel~~ Brown or purple

Blend your shadows well but don't use too much.

For example, for brown eyes use:

a neutral brown on your lid, a dark brown on your crease, and a light skin-toned color right underneath the arch of your eyebrow

Maybe do a small line of brown eyeliner just above your lash line and brown-black Voluminous Mascara.

I'm 13 too, and all these things have worked for me

(PS. your already beautiful though) :)


I think you should get your hair curled and then try some brown mascara some foundation and lip gloss


I suggest wearing black or brown mascara, with black or brown eyeliner, and powder/concealer if you need it.

A light pink lip gloss would be nice too.


Very light foundation, mascara, eyeliner, variety of brown eyeshadows, and some blush!

lip gloss too (: