Lip balm or gloss for 13 yr old girl?

I like lip gloss, but it might be a bit much for middle school. Lip balm makes my lips really smooth but I like the shine in lip gloss. I need your opinion :)


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Oh my goodness, this is the PERFECT question for me to answer. I have literally tried practically every lip balm out there (okay, maybe I'm a little obsessed haha).

Firstly, vaseline is amazing. I put it on at night and in the morning my lips are moisturized, soft, and shiny. I also apply it during the day and it really does work wonders. It looks like a lipgloss but acts like a chapstick, and it's not too dramatic looking.

Another one of my absolute favorites is Nivea A Kiss of Moisture. It comes in blue packaging and comes onto your lips clear. It is so smooth and moisturizing, and it keeps my lips moisturized for a long time.

I also like:

Soft Lips in vanilla. I like some of the others, but vanilla is my favorite. This applies smooth but isn't quite as moisturizing as the nivea one or vaseline.

Burts Bees. This one is all natural and it makes your lips feel kind of cool and tingly when you apply it. I personally like that, but if you're not one to like the tingle I don't recommend this one.

Nivea A Kiss of Shine. If you want lip gloss and chapstick in one, this comes in a few pretty shades and keeps your lips moisturized and shiny.

Products to stay away from:

Carmex. I know a lot of people like this, but I've found that if you use it you have to keep reapplying it. Otherwise, your lips will dry out REALLY fast. Also, it is made for coldsores more than chapped lips, and I don't usually get cold sores.

Chapstick. I used to love this, too. I know you're probably thinking whaaaat?! that's the main lib balm brand! But the same goes for this as goes for carmex--if you stop using it for a while your lips chap really fast.

I really really hope this helped, because I consider chapstick and lip balm to be kind of my area of expertise haha

Good luck!




Isn't there some kinda lip balms that make your lips über shiny? Use those..? :)


where lip balm then add clear lip gloss to make it shiney.

do what you want.


lip balm really isn't makeup in my opinion . its just what you put on if your lips are chapped . lipgloss is perfectly fine though .


Omg, definately lip gloss! I'm your age, and every girl your age I know wears lip gloss and a whole lot more makeup!


You could put on lip balm and then some lip gloss. You are not too young for lip gloss, all my friends weir it every day and we're 12.


you sound like your 3.

yeah you can wear lip gloss ?

like where are you from.. an extreme strict catholic school or something.