Can you get an eye infection if you share mascara?

I shared some mascara with my friend last week when I was at her house, and then last night I woke up, couldn't open my eye. I finally opened it and my eye was like bloodshot red. I think it might be because of sharing mascara with her.

She needed mascara, so I let her use mine, and then I found hers, and she wanted to make my eyelashes look bigger, so she used hers on me, and then I used mine over top of of (after she used it)

I have also been wearing mascara lately, and I've never done that before.

Btw, my mascara was from the $ store, could that be another reason?



Your eye infection could absolutely be from sharing mascara, for a few reasons. If either your or her mascara is more than a couple months old, it could be bad. Also, check with your friend if she has an eye infection too or recently had one, she gave it to you. Another reason you could have an infection is if you don't wash your mascara off all of your eyes every night, you could have a build up and that would most certainly cause it. Dollar store makeup has nothing wrong with it as long as you take proper precautions.

I hope your eye infection clears up :)


yeah you should never let anyone use your make up.






Yes, you can. In fact, I think you just did.



It very well could be from sharing mascara. Use Optrex eye wash to clean your eye out. You should take your make-up off every night too.


A major rule-Never, Never share mascara. It is the easiest way to get an eye infection. And dispose of any old mascara. I terll my clients to discard their mascara after 30 days. Hope this helps you.


It might have been because she had something wrong with her mascara from her using it.

That's why your not allowed to test out mascaras in shops and stuff because you'll be sharing all your bacteria, germs and infections with everyone else and because its easier to share with eye contact.

It could be from your mascara, but if you've used it several times before and had no problem with it then it probably isn't.

But because you use it over top of hers, maybe you should stop using it and get a new one just in case.