Liquid or pencil eyeliner? or both?

i normally use liquid for my upper lash line and pencil for my waterline. which one is better? and how can i make it stay on longer? also what are your favourite brands? srry for asking so much, but i really need to know.


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I would never use liquid liner on my waterline, I don't really consider it safe, it seems like you're using them right anyway. ^^ as for making it stay on longer, try getting some black eyeshadow, and place it over the top of the black liner you put on your waterline, that may help.

Other than that, just keep applying. I carry mine around.


Liquid on upper lash line , pencil on waterline (:


I think the best kind of eyeliner ever are those self sharpening ones , I absolutely lovee those !

Or try the liquid pencils


Dont use pencil it is very bad for the eye and so is liquid if used for the bottom of your eye. the best is the crayon type made by avon, you roll up the end of it like the crayola colored pencils/crayons. that works the best and it is waterproof .


I use mostly liquid in the winter, just because I don't like a heavy line for summer colors, etc. In the summer I tend to use more pencil for lash and waterline.

I'm sure you've noticed liquid wont work on the waterline, and pencil only lasts so long. You just have to keep re applying it.


pencil is good for beginners

liquid is good for people with experience and a steady hand. liquid is more defined so it'd be better on your upper lash line.

using primer will help it stay longer. a good primer from urban decay will solve your problem.

instead of looking for specific brands since they can be a hit or miss, just look for ones that are soft and creamy (for pencil eyeliner) and for liquid, you can check out reviews on a site like


Ok. I use NYC Black liquid liner for my upper lash line, It stays all day. IF you want waterproof, try L'Oreal liquidlast liner. They are very decently priced, and worth the money. I bought an expensive one Make up Forever waterproof eyeliner it began flaking mid day. So don't waste your money. Now for the bottom half use covergirl pencil liner in black or brown or Avon brand called Smoothers. These are soft and gentle but also give excellent color to the waterline. So both is the way to go!


Same! If I wear eyeliner, I'd do liquid on top and pencil on the waterline. (:

I have a really good, really cheap ($2-3) liquid eyeliner- it's from Black Radiance (drugstore brand) and it's just very good. Here's also a review page, in case it helps:… :D So I love that.

I also love The Body Shop's eye definer pencil eyeliners. I would always use a gray on my waterline, so I have it in gray, here's a pic of the brown one:…

It's smooth and wonderful and stays on <3

To make it last longer, dust a powder over your eye-line. It can be eyeshadow, translucent powder, anything ;o]

;D Stay gorgeous and have fun! =]=]]