Going into 8th grade... makeover!?

i already have a new haircut but would like some new clothes perfume and makeup any suggestions on makeup i like to keep it girly and fresh please help :)


Hey gurly(; I'm going into 8th gr. too!

Ok for,tightline with eye liner, curl your lashes and apply maskera, and don't forget lip gloss!

For clothes... F21,charlotte russe,A&F,Hollister,old navy,kohls,urban,claires,love culture,vans, jcpenny,Macy's,nordstrom,payless,papaya,…

Also try experimenting diffrent lookswith ur fab new hair cut...

Good luck!


Btw-try not to wear to much perfume.keep it light and fruity because a strong scent can irritate the nose...


don't wear too much makeup when youre in 8th grade you'll look like a whore:P


GOOOO SHOPPING :D at kohls or forever 21


try looking on youtube for tutourials i'm sure you will find one perfect for you. but pale eyeshadow with maybe a bit of eyeliner would look very nice


1) it'd be a lot easier if you had a picture so we can get an idea of what makeup to do but coral cheeks are really in right now. Keep it light on the face and experiment with neutral, metallic and jewel tone eyeshadow/liner.

2) for perfume, don't go too loud with it. Even strongly scented lotions work really well. I like Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton lotion. But for the best scent for you I'd just go there and browse the different scents to find one you like.


Sounds *fun*! (; Definitely *don't* overdo it. <3

I would stick with a tinted moisturizer/concealer if you were thinking of getting a foundation.

Wear neutral, glowy eyeshadows. Think golds, browns, champagnes, beiges, and cool pinks. (Cool not as in "awesome", but cool as in color tone ;))

Have curvy eyelashes and apply a light coat of a defining mascara, then put on lipgloss =]

Stay away from Lancome, L'Oréal, Rimmel London, CoverGirl, Maybelline, and Neutrogena because these brands test on animals. :(

Clothes- skirts, sandals, tank tops, etc. All the good stuff ;-] Go to the mall and pick out what you like! :D

You can get tons of perfume samples at department stores, and Bath & Body Works carry really great scents! =]

<3 Have fun and stay gorgeous! :o)


Alot of women don't know how to wear make up correctly or use too much. For a natural look this is my advice:

Use a tinted moisturizer that blends with your skin tone. Apply all over face and around neck. Moisturizing is the key to keeping skin healthy. Most come w/ SPF protection.

If your eyes have some darkness a bit of foundation under them and into the corners of your eyes will help. Apply a little blush underneath.

\A sheer ,but bright blush on the apples of your cheek.

If your skin is a little oily translucent powder helps.

If you want to wear eye make up ,but not a lot, a bit around the corners of your eyes and under the brow arch does the trick.

If your lashes are already long this may be unnecessary. a few strokes of mascara on your top lashes looks good.

Tinted lip gloss or a lipstick that isn't more than a shade or two different from your own color is good. Always use chap-stick. Keeps lips soft and healthy.


Go to Sephora to find your scent. Bath and body works also have great body sprays. Their lotions are strongly scented as well. Stick to age appropriate scents. Vanilla scents and fruity things like apples and strawberries.


Modest is Hottest. Lame, I know, but true. Stick to the classics. If you're really girly, always stick to a more feminine attire.

Lots of dresses, skirts, and cardigans. Cute little sweaters.

Watch some classic movies. Those women were always beautifully dressed. I started reading (Teen) Vogue at your age. Go to your local store and pick up a Marie Claire and Vogue for inspiration. You may not afford what they're advertising , but you can find something like it for less. Thrift stores usually have pretty nifty stuff if you're willing to put some effort into the hunt. It's alot of fun. I used to raid my mother's closet. Maybe your mom or older sister will be open minded. My younger sister still steals my clothes.

Hope this helps!


well for teen girls i would like to recommend any covergirl products. there stuff is nice and affordable and pretty good quality to me.

if you want to do that fresh face look with not too much makeup i suggest getting some mascara, tinted moisterizer and powder to set that moisterizer, concealer if you need it, eyebrow pencil because eyebrows are important, and lipbalm. for lipbalm i use covergirl's naturluxe balm and also has spf 15. i also use covergirl's pressed powder and liquid cover up, and there stick concealer.

perfume, you dont really need to buy anything expensive, just basically something that smells good and lasts long. i find that a lot of the hollister body mists smell good and last long. there a bit expensive, i think its worth it. there bottles are quiet big so yea.

clothing wise, if you wanna be fashionable, i'd say go to forever 21. but most girls your age go to hollister or AE. id say forever 21 if you wanna stand out. there stuff is affordable too.

a cute pair of sandals can spice up any outfit. and accessories are nice too if your clothes are a bit plain. if your going shopping for a new wardrobe, try to find cute quirky stuff. like a crop printed top, or tribal print tee. or a ruffled top. that'll get you compliments :)

i hope this helps! congrats in going into grade 8 :D