How to clean a lip ring while it's in your lip?

I'm 14 and just got my lip pierced last week. Well I need to clean it off because it had like skin stuck on it where it scanned over and stuff. Is there anyway to clean it off while it's still in my lip? I cant take it out or it will grow over.

Thanks :)


you arent supposed to remove the jewelry to clean it anyway! i have had mine done a year and have never taken it out. clean the area on ur face with antibacterial soap and water 2x a day. Use alcohol-free mouthwash 2x a day to clean the inside. do not play with it otherwise. you can also place a cottonball soaked in a sea salt solution (4 tsp sea salt per 8oz of water mixed in a waterbottle works best for me) and use it 2-3 times a day. do not play with it unless you are cleaning it. do not remove the jewelry. do not use anything else on it.


use a cotton bud and some salt solution and clean gently around the area inside the lip and out, you should do this twice a day to make sure its clean