Youtube Beauty 'Guru' Survey?

Hi! I am thinking about joining the Beauty Community on YouTube. I was wondering what you, personally, like to watch in a 'guru'. Thanks!

Would you rather watch...

1.Someone who does voice-over tutorials (like MichellePhan) or live tutorials?

2.Someone who uses less expensive or high end makeup?

3.Someone who makes mostly dramatic or wearable tutorials?

4.Someone who's personality is outgoing or a little more quiet?

And last, but not least...

5.What tutorials would you like to see a beauty guru make?

Thanks, again! <3


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I would rather watch...

1.Someone who does live tutorials, but i need to see exactly what you are doing.

2.Someone who uses a good mix of both. Also use lots of popular or new products.

3.Someone who makes wearable,neutral tutorials.

4.Someone who is 100% themselves.

And last, but not least...

5. The tutorials that I would like to see a beauty guru make are foundation routines, reviews of the new products and lots of different neutral eye tutorials. These are the ones I always search for the most and end up find some really good people who I then sub to.


1. Live tutorials! I feel that they are more real and genuine because the guru is speaking as she puts on makeup.

2. I'd actually prefer the guru to use high-end makeup, as I mostly use high-end products. However, it would be nice if she (or he) occasionally mixed it up a bit. Though I prefer higher-end cosmetics, I also own some drugstore items.

3. A guru I would worship would post wearable makeup tutorials. Personally, I think that natural makeup is stunning, so I try to stick to neutral looks. Sometimes, it can be fun to try out a more bold look for special occasions like dances or parties. Like my response to the previous question, I'd like for the guru to provide her (or his) viewers with different kinds of looks, but mostly natural looks.

4. I think the ultimate guru would be neither outgoing nor rather quiet. Someone with an "in-between" personality would be ideal. In my opinion, an over-the-top, outgoing person would be quite irritable when it comes to tutorials, for I would like to learn new makeup looks rather than hear about the irrelevant events in her (or his) life. Too much of a shy person would be awkward to watch.

5. I would like to see a beauty guru make tutorials on:

- Appropriate Smoky Eyes

- Flirty, Wearable Looks

- Music Video-Based Looks

- Original Looks Created by the Guru!

Overall, I would advise that any guru takes everything into moderation. Not too much of one thing is perfect. Mix it up, or your videos may become slightly boring to watch. Hopefully, I helped to answer your questions. I would love to see you on YouTube someday! Let me know if you have a channel! Good luck, and have fun with it! :D

Never Say Never.. LOL


lipsyguru76 <3


1. Stylesuzi does a bit of both, she does voice-over tutorials and also live, voice-over tutorials seem a little more professional because you can plan out what you're going to say in a voice-over, rather than randomly on the spot in front of the camera, it doesn't give you much time to think about what to say.

2. I like to see high end makeup products, because I love seeing how they seem to work wonders on all these beauty gurus. I haven't really ever watched anybody who uses cheap makeup, I guess it's because, if they're a beauty guru, they're not going to use cheap, rubbish makeup which doesn't even work properly, but it'd be nice to see high street products put to the test.

3. It's interesting to watch dramatic tutorials, not because I want to try them out, but because I just like to watch them to see what sort of look they can create. They're fun to watch. They've got to be very good and creative though, if they're going to impress me with it. I also like watching more wearable tutorials, so I can gain a few tips on how to do things better, little beauty secrets and how I can alter my daily makeup/hair routine for the better.

4. I like to watch someone who has a nice personality, the last thing you want is to be bored half way through their tutorials because they're so un-enthusiastic.

5. I like to see a mixed bag of things. I LOVE watching hauls so I can see what things they buy, and get an idea of their sort of style, I also find them quite relaxing to sit and watch. Hair and makeup tutorials, but that's a given. Reviews on specific products are good, so I can watch it and think whether it would work for me or not. I love seeing the end of month favorites, so for example, at the end of August they'd do a video for August favorites. I also like to see a few blog entries, just so I can see what sort of things they're up to etc.

I also like watching people who have a good camera and setting, who seem professional, edit their videos, seem organized and prepared etc.

My favorite beauty gurus are rosebud143, stylesuzi and SWalkerMakeup. I like SWalkerMakeup more because of her really fun, outgoing personality!


1. Live tutorials. I love Michelle Phan's videos, they're very professional and smooth, but I like watching the live ones just because you get to see more of the gurus personality.

2. A mixture of both would be good, so it relates to all audiences. But if I had to pick one I would choose drugstore, because it's more attainable and appeals most.

3. Again, a mixture would be great, but I would say mostly wearable.

4. As long as they're being themselves and are likeable then it doesn't matter...I love outgoing gurus, like jlovesmac1, as well as more reserved ones, like meganheartsmakeup. If you're being yourself and are good in front of a camera then I will watch your videos!

5. This is hard because I feel like there are so many tutorials out just take them and make them yours! I especially enjoy hair and nail tutorials, neutral eye tutorials, OOTD, and hauls!

Just for reference, these are my favorite gurus [who if you haven't seen, you need to go do so, because you'll get lots of inspiration from them].

Kandee Johnson















Good luck becoming a guru! Let me know your channel name so I can go watch you!


1.) Voice-over tutorials.

2.) Less expensive.

3.) Wearable.

4.) Outgoing.

5.) Back-to-School, Everyday looks.

I hope this helps! xoxo


1. Either one, really I just want to be able to HEAR u

2. Less expensive

3. Wearable

4. Hmm....bOth are cool as long as ur descriptive and loud enough I can hear what ur talking about

5. I'd love to see how to get larger eyes,how to use white eyeliner how to use gold eyeshadow good looks for teens how to keep mascara from flakingz...I have a lot of questions need more ideas ask me lol

I Also love what's in my bag videos. Lol they're just so interesting to moi

When u make ur channel post the link to ur videos on this question, itd be cool if I could see them :) good luckk


1. voice over is more professional and faster

2. less expensive because i can afford it if i want to buy it lol

3. mix of both

4. outgoing

5. school tutorials, halloween/holiday makeup, hauls, things like "boots in style this winter", ways to wear scarves or heels or necklaces of vests. things like that


someones personality is outgoing or more quiet.

someone who does voice over tutorials or live

someone who uses less expensive high end brand make up.

i like the what is in your purse

i like the here is the stuff hauls i bought

i like the hair and what they use and how they do their hair

and i like the about me tags.