How to get a christina grimmie look?

Clothes? hair? make up? shoes? singing? :)


Her hair is ridiculously awesome so I'll help you out ^^


Truth is, different people have different kinds of hair. So, what works for her might now work with you. I don't wanna get all cliche and say find your own style/ be unique/ be you because you like her style. So, I'd recommend bringing a picture of her to your hairdresser or a stylist and she'll get the bangs right. Watch the videos on how to do the poof. Looks like she doesn't need any products so cost shouldn't be an issue.

Here's a good answer to the same problem.


Her style is pretty rocker chic/trendy/scene/stufflikethat.

*bracelets (preferably thin) and plenty of them.

*one or two highlight streaks on hair?

*skinny jeans

= they look like her staples.

Make up...

I don't think she wears that much. Either way, all girls do their make the same way. Eyeliner seems to be key.


Uh, didn't really pay attention to her shoes. I think she looks like hightops/converse kind of girl. So aim for those! She looks pretty casual/rocker.

Singing...Well I guess you could pay for lessons. Or get some of her songs on your iPod and lip sync? That's what I do and it works pretty good for me.


For make up you would have to wear eyeliner on the bottom and lower lash line and mascara.

For the hair,I think it's a scene girl hair cut.


Clothes: Wear skinny jeans. Get graphic tees that have cool stuff on them or say stuff on them. They have good ones at Delia's. go to

Make Up: Eyeliner. Maybelline Volum' Mascara. Etc...

Hair: Add volume to the hair on the back of your head. Get side bangs if you don't have them.

Singing: If your voice isnt very good, get a singing coach if you can afford one. They can help your voice with vocal excersises, but they dont work all the time.

Hope I helped:)


One, i must say that u r awesome because you like christina grimmie also, and two, i believe she has a hair tutorial on her youtube account... The rest you may make up yourself. And another thing, for singing like her, i would try to make your own style, which im sure she would recommend too