What color eyeshadow?

I have a wedding where I'm wearing a turquoise dress, and I would like advise on what color eyeshadow should I wear that would look elegant but not too flashy.


I would advise that you wear a soft gold eyeshadow with an undertone of green as it will reflect nicely with the dress. Stay away from bold eye-lining and I would advise using white eyeliner on the insides of your rims to keep the look soft.


Light pink


Light gold/ champagne

Light pink

Or a super pale lilac <-- my best suggestion


Personally i would opt for brown and gold smokey eyes x


wear blue witha little white or blue with a little black depending on the darkness or brightness of the turquoise dress,green and blue would be nice, nude would also be pretty good as well.


Stat away from bright bold colors, since youe dress is bright and bold already. I would recommended sticking with neutral colors like soft browns, nude, whites, and soft golds. Also you could even try maybe sone soft pastel colors like a sea foam green, or baby blue