Youtube makeup guru...?

what happened to samantha schuerman?! she did great makeup and beauty videos on youtube and she and her husbands channel just disappeared? thanks.


She was being cyber bullied so she closed all her accounts....thestylediet has a video up about it


They have been hacked.


I just was looking for them too Chloe..and even Sam's blog is removed...wonder what happened to them?


I'm not sure. I was just watching one of her videos last night. That's unfortunate. Sorry I couldn't help.


Try Tiffany D. She is sooo amazing, I have been watching her videos for quite some time now and I have learned so much about makeup and application...


From everything I've read there has been a lot of hate and bullying directed at them. It seems that some sensitive information about where they live (addresses, names, etc) was disclosed which made them feel unsafe.

It's really sad that pol can't just enjoy their blog and videos without criticism and hate. I hope they come back but I would do the same if I felt my family's safety was at stake.