Whats a good drug store primer?

i need a good primer but a cheap one?


rimmel fix and perfect :) i havn't actually bought it ( yet) but i tested it at the store and it was SOOO smoothth.. lol people get freaked out by the color cos its like a peach color, but it goes invisible and blends really nicely on your skin. i definately say give it a go :) its super cheap so whats there to lose?


L'oreal decrease is quite good

but i really have a hard time finding a good primer at drugstores since not that many brands make them

this is the best i've tryed :)


When it comes to drugstore make up I really trust Loreal products. Check out their aisle at your local store. Also, there are tons of reviews on YouTube for almost every drugstore brand primer. Hope this helps.


i agree with the first person, loreal decrease is pretty good. at sephora though, they sell a sephora brand eye primer for

8 and its the same price as the loreal, i like this one a little better, its more creamy… thanks