When I'm a MAC NC20, what color am I in bare minerals matte foundation?

I use MAC NC15 during winter and NC20 for summer, and now I want a new summer shade. Am I a fair or fairly light? Based on the pictures I'm a bit in between, I think, but I can only buy one...


Fairly Light; i use the same MAC shades as you, & Fair is actually WAAAAAAAAY too pale for me.


I usually end up beginning low end and trying out several types. Do what fits your situation and Im sure your instinct will be right. I like


hi, I use mac NC15 and bareminerals, for the winter I'd use fairly light and in the summer I'd use light as it has a more yellow-y colour to it and gives you a healthy glow :)

I actually prefer the mac foundation because it has a better coveage, but thats just my opinion

Hope I helped