My foundation always looks blotchy!?

I need some new make-up tricks! I've been trying to use different types of foundations but My boyfriend said sometimes it looks caked on or blotchy, so just curious what you guys use? and if I should switch to bare minerals or something! :)


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I would try using a good foundation in a small coat. Try one of the foundation sponge, then straight away put a concealer on. If this doesn't work, I would suggest going to see a professional make-up artist at a make-up store. Hope this helped :) Just a tip, you may also be using the wrong shade.


switch to bareminerals and you won't have that problem.. I promise. It gives awesome coverage while looking sooo natural.


I use Lancome. It always looks even! At Macy's they'll apply it for you and pick out your color.

You can try putting on less or put on powder to even your skin tone.


I use bare minerals and it doesn't make your face blotchy or caked on. It is pretty expensive though. If you have moderate to bad acne though I wwould not suggest it though because it is not very good at covering anything up. It just tones out yourfave and makes it look fresh;)


I use MAC its 26 dollars and if you go to macys they will put it on for you and try your new color and all for free so you will be sure to get the perfect color! (:

answer mine?


maybe try a spray foundation? just spray some onto a sponge applicator and dab :) it usually looks lighter and fresher.


If liquid isnt working for you, try something else.

Maybe your skin is too oily for liquid?

And try out high end brands (if you havent already) like Makeup Forever HD liquid ;)


I always lotion before I put on my make up but then I use the Almay Perfect match stuff, it blends to your skin tone. Also, I have used a mineral product from Avon that was really nice! Compared to Bare Minerals but less expensive.