What is better MAC mascara or maxfactor mascara? or both?

I love long black eyelashes, natural yet long and nice. I have tried both of these but don't have enough money to get both


I haven't tried MAC, but max factor mascara is great. It's easy to apply and looks great. I'd recommend the lash extension one as that makes your lashes look long but natural. Hope this helps xx


i think maxfactor is better, i'm not a huge fan of mac mascaras


i haven't tried the mac mascara so i'm not so sure on that,

however, i own a maxfactor lash lengthening and man, it sure does work!

it separates the lashes evenly and actually does make my eyelashes seem longer.

it's fab :)




Both of these are very good and similar in results. Try Bee LUSHcious Lashes by Bee Luscious! This is one of the top mascaras IMHO and at only about $17.


mac makeup is amazing but sadly there mascaras aren't. i'm normally very impressed with max factor so I'd go with max factor