Is 14 to young to wear blush foundation ect?

thanks im mot 14 my little sister is and she wants to wear foundation and blush just asking thnx


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No. why should she? shes young and if she takes care of her skin it will be fine without foundation. I only use a cover stick to cover dark circles and the occasional pimple. Blush is fine as long as she doesn't apply too much and end up looking like a circus clown.


no! im forteen and have been wearing foundation for a year ...

i usually wear foundation and loaads of mascara everyday and coloured eyeliners and conceller most days


that's way too young !


Well i think its just fine just as long as she doesn't over do it. A clean and natural looking face is perfect.


No I think 14 is a good age. Your sister should be fine as long as they know what they are doing.


I think 14 is okay, I started at 14


14 Is The Right Age


I started using normal foundation around 14 and started using blusher around 15. Depends on how much you put on, and what colou you use. Sounds normal about her age for makeup.