How long does it take for elf products to ship?

So today is Sunday right... And I placed an order of about $20 worth of e.l.f. products yestaday (Saturday). I live in new jersey... How long should they take to ship?


ELF won't process the order until Monday or Tuesday.

Once they process the order they ship it out to the FedEx in Edison,NJ.

So since you live in NJ, it should take anywhere from 2-5 days.

I live in Tennessee and it takes a week from processing date for me to receive my products.


I've ordered twice, and both have come in less then 2 weeks. About 5-8 business days I think. I live in Massachusetts. Go to the tracking thingy they give you in the email and it will give you a link, and it will say the day it expects to arrive.

Mine was accurate the first time, and this time I got it on Friday and it said it would come tomorrow haha. But I'm not complainin! :)

love shimmering facial whips<33


it took like 2 weeks for me, but i live on the west coast.

since you live in new jersey it'll probably come in around wednesday or thursday.


too long!