What is a high paying job you can have with visible tattoos?

i have full sleeves on both arms and praying hands on the side of my neck can i still have a good or fair paying job? what job? dont just be rude and talk crap and say i should have thaught first i kinda know that and none of my tattoos are racist or anything like that but i do have praying hans and a virgin mary thanks for your guys help God bless


Lol a tattoo artist! They are covered in tattoos and make almost 200 per hour, majority of the time its cash in hand so less taxes. If you do five people per day thats 365,000 dollars a year.

Either that or something in the creative industry, like design.


alot of retail jobs will let you have visible tattoos as long as non of them are graphic or offensive. try companies like hot topic, pac sun, spencers, or generally places that are "edgy". also, jobs where you are "behind the scenes" like call centers and factories will often let you have tattoos. you may also check into going into buisness for yourself later down the road in order to really make something for yourself. but of course you have to start somewhere.


There are few high paying jobs that will allow tattoos. Luckily, I got into one of them which is makeup artistry. Nobody cares what you look like as long as you're professional and obviously have talent. I'm guessing you're a guy though so I'm not sure if that's the route you want to take. Oddly enough, men do far better in this industry though since women prefer male makeup artist (they figure if a guy does their makeup, other men will find them attractive too). I don't see why there aren't more straight male artists, lol. I'm in Special Fx mostly though so I actually am lucky to be a girl because that is so male-dominated that they love having women around haha.


I think you will find that society is becoming more and more open to the art of tattoo's and is starting to become less judgemental.

However, it all depends on what education you have. You didn't mention what level of education you had?


You must have a good paying job now because your tattoo work didn't come cheap....