I have fine lines under my eyes?

I am only 18, but when I was younger I used to squint a lot and I think this caused some fine lines under my eyes. I use an eye cream twice a day under my eyes, but they are still here. Is there a certain product or facial exercise I can do to get rid of the lines?

Thank you SO much! :)


It's actually really good that you are recognizing this while you are so young; the sooner you start taking care of your skin the better off you will be. Eye creams are great for the day time to keep the delicate skin moisturizer etc. But retinol is going to be the best thing to fight those lines. These products cost more than regular creams because the ingredients actually work. There are many products you can find in spas that work great but there are some drug store products too. I've found that ROC works really well! Like i said they are pricier than everything else but you'd just be waisting your money. Don't stop smiling with your eyes! It makes you a human being :) but other than that try not to pull on the skin when you apply product or makeup; gently pat. Also sleeping on your side or your stomach can make facial wrinkles way worse. Try to train yourself now to sleep on your back if you don't already. Other than that drink water and keep caring about it- you'll look young way longer than people who don't!



you need to get a better skincare regime.

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I hope this will solve your problem.

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Good luck