QUESTION?! Due to thighs ...?

HOW long does it take to get skinny thighs by being anorexic or starving yourself ?

:) Thank youu.


Wow, just wow.

The fact that you even asked that is absurd. I'm PRAYING you're not thinking of starving yourself in order to have slimmer thighs. That's a terrible plan and that's just horrible. Anorexia is a SERIOUS eating disorder.

There's an endless amount of effects they suffer.from, including psychological problems like anxiety, weakness, dry skin, and shortness of breath. Anorexics also tend to suffer from bone loss due to low food intake. They also suffer from an abnormally slow heart rate and very low blood pressure. This causes the heart muscle itself to change. The chance of heart failure rises as heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Hair loss is also common with anorexics, your hair will thin and become very brittle. These are just a few of the effects you can suffer from

If you're cool with having smaller, boney thighs (NOT MADE OF MUSCLE) and suffering all these effects then that's just sick. I doubt you want that. Just get on a treadmill a couple days a week, do lunges, squats, and monitor your diet. Trust me, you'll MUCH prefer those results.

I hope you make the healthy, correct choice.

Good luck, girl !


Starving yourself wont get you slim thighs fast at all.. Best way is to work out! Ive been doing squats and they kick my ****, but itll be worth it in the end.. Itll take maybe a month or two for me to get to lookin good.. Not eating is just going to make you unhealthy!


probably like a year.

starving yourself wont make you skinny before you just roll over dead.


starving yourself isn't the answer to skinnier thighs. it's going to make you sick. i HATE my thighs, with like a passion. they're big, it's not mostly fat but muscle and i don't want them to be that big. i play on two softball teams and lately since i've been running so much from them they seem to look smaller.

running definitely helps. eating right definitely helps.

starving yourself and becoming anorexic doesn't help.