Is tattoo pain tolerable for someone my age?

I'm 16 and getting a tattoo across the top of my back on Sunday.

I have a tattoo on my forearm but it wasn't done professionally.

I'd say I have a pretty decent pain tolerance.

I'm nervous about it going over my spine. the tattoo should take an hour and a half-two hours.

any advice?


i got a tattoo on my back that took two hours...the pain was nothing. the only bad part is when they move to a new patch of skin it feels like a pinch for a couple seconds nothing terrible


You have to be 18 years old to legally get a tattoo and no reputable tattoo artist will tattoo anyone under the age of 18. They will not risk their reputation for tattooing a minor and you should just wait until you are 18 so you don't make the same mistake twice and regret both of your tattoos in a few years. You have to think about your future and shouldn't be worrying about tattoos and when you are of age you can get one if you still want one. All tattoos hurt but are tolerable and good luck in finding a professional tattoo artist who will tattoo a 16 year old. Where I live you have to be 18 regardless if you have parent consent or not and that is how it is in almost every state.