Will my tongue piercing feel better after i downsize it?

i got it done yesterday and it hurt heller lol

but today it feels a lot better and i ate steak and other things.(bieng careful not to bite it lol,thankfully i have not yet,even though all i want to do chew it and swallow it with my food lol)

after i downsize it will i still feel it?

will i be able to eat better?

cuz i am always worried about bitting it.

after it heals and ur used to it did u still bite it?

thanxs a lot!



Ok, usually swelling takes about seven to ten days to go down with a tongue piercing. I reccommend ten days though to let it really go down just to make sure the swelling wont start up again. After that time you go back to your piercer and he will change the barbell. You will have a shorter barbell in your mouth since the swelling has gone down. Although, you need to keep the other barbell incase it does swell up again. After the ten days it's a lot easier to do everything you start getting used to it. Now, when you have the longer barbell it's easier to bite and it deff. gets in the way but the shorter one doesn't. Before a week is over you will be able to chew and eating will be easier but it will get even easier after you get the shorter barbell in although it does take a little getting used to or at least it did for me. After i got used to it being in my mouth eating was the same it used to be i guess it was a mind thing that the barbell was in there so it would be differnt to eat but it really isnt that much of a difference. Your not really going to bite it unless your purposely trying to bite it. At least i haven't. The first ten days are the worst once you get through it things get better and you can change out your barbell just dont do it to much the first month.