Can I keep a taper in my ear for a week until I can purchase jewelry?

I borrowed a friend's taper and it's roughly 2mm, and after cleaning it I put it into my own ear. My friend just uses tapers with no jewelry and so I thought this way would be fine, but after looking on the internet people have said that you should never leave them in... But I looked too late so now I have a taper in my ear and no way of getting any jewelry for it for about a week, maybe two. Will this ruin my ear if I leave it in? Thank you. I know there are answers, but they aren't practical and I just need advice on what to do until I get jewelry...


Tapers put uneven pressure on your lobes...either get jewelry now or take it out and start stretching when you can take care of them properly. Part of that is making sure you have proper jewelry to follow straight through after the tapers.

And please don't use your friend's tapers...there is no way you could have completely sterilized it. Really dirty and not good for your piercings.