Getting tattoo on my neck?

My real question here is if I go into a shop for my first tattoo will they put it on my neck if I want it there? I only ask because I was watching an old Miami Ink and Ami is talking about neck tattoos and how they would never put somebody's first tattoo on their neck because they don't want them to make a mistake (as far as having an always visible tattoo.) I am just wondering if this is kind of common in shops or if that is just his personal thing? I am a stay at home mommy, and I work from home so I am not worried about it effecting my job opportunities or anything like that... Any advice/insight would be helpful. Thanks!


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if you get it on the back of you neck that would look cool and they will probably do it.. just please dont get it on the side, i think it looks trashy and dumb and do you really want something on the side of your neck forever. its gonna be your first tattoo what if you dont like it, you cant really hide it on your neck.. are you gonna be a stay at home mom for the rest of your life? are you always gonna work from home? i think not.. what if you want to go to a elegant party.. i think you'll look stupid in a nice dress with a big tattoo on the side of your neck. really think about this before you just run out and get a neck tattoo..


Yes they will. It will look cute back their, that's were I got my first tattoo. It's a rose! I got a star on my wrist in the front it was my second one.


Go for it. I'm a stay at home mom with a neck tattoo, although mine is on the back of my neck along the hairline and only visible when I put my hair into a ponytail. When I got it done they didn't ask me if it was my first or not. It wasn't really painful at all the only part I felt really much discomfort was behind my ears.


different people, different hang-ups, some artists don't like to put adverse religious things on you,but when your paying $100.00 an hour get what you want where you want. by the way a tattoo on the tops of your feet will make you squirm, the neck umm not so bad.. ari


Go For It!

I got first tattoo on my neck, and I kept on moving because the needle tickled! It was not as bad as people say, I think that the worst part was the sound and the anticipation of it. If you get it on the back of your neck they are going to shave a little bit of your hair off, and mine is still growing back. Also, I think you should wear a summer scarf when you go because when you are done it can hold the bandage in place for the hour or two that it needs to be on.


I got two on my 18th birthday,They did my wrist and neck.The neck you barely feel.It's probably the least painful spot to get done.At least to me.If you want it there they should do it.Some 16 year old walked into where I got mine and got her name on her neck.I thought it was stupid but she wanted it and they did it.


Yes they can. My friends and family all got their 1st tattoos done on their neck (not me). Idk why they would say they can't. I also hang out with people who work in tattoo places and they do 1st ones on the neck if people want. I mean they are not really painful either i think.

It might just depend on where you go to get it done is all


**** go for it!

My first tattoo is freaking HUGE right across my chest; my uncles a very huge tattoo artist in San Antonio nd he thought it was kickass for a first tat!

I mean wtf your paying for it so who are they to complain;


ithink thats an awsome place for itt (: