My tattoo isn't peeling should I be worried?

I got a tattoo (my first) on my foot Saturday in a licensed shop. Since then, I've been putting unscented aloe (burn relief formula) in the morning after my shower, and 2 drops of unscented lubiderm(sp?) on my foot two times a day. Is it too soon for my foot to start peeling? It doesn't itch or burn and it doesnt hurt anymore. It's also not swollen. Is something wrong?


your tattoo will be fine. Everybody heals in a different way. I have 6 tatts right now, and my sister has only one, hers didn't peel, while every one of mine did. And don't listen to that guy (richard) NEVER put neosporin on your tattoos. Neosporin is made to draw infections and stuff out of your skin. So therefore, it will treat your tattoo as an infection and the ink will fade out bad. thats what happened with my 1st tattoo. wish i would have known that before i used it. and as far as using lubiderm... i love that lotion. keep using it, and everything will be fine!


my friends tattoo never pealed and it's fine, mine pealed after 4 days. it will be fine.


well don't peel it. it will mess yp the tattoo. just put neosporin no your tattoo. why did you put aloe on your tattoo. neosporin is the best thing to put on a tattoo.and into it heals. keep it covered when your out side.and keep it clean. soap ind water is good. well bye.


Aquaphor and every once and a while try switching it up to a water based cream ( a+d, lubriderm) don' t use vaseline.. This isn' t the 70' s lol I got mine 4 days ago n hasn' t peeled yet, patience is a virtue wit tattoos