Can i squeeze into a Size 0 ?

well i was buying this hollister pants online and i picked out size 1R meaning 1 regular length

and as i was typing in my info,the pants went out of stock

so i went to go check the sizes again and all there was were size 0S, 0R, and 1S

so i chose 0R b/c i know 1S would be too short for me

so i was just wondering do you think i could squeeze into a 0 if im a 1?


depends on the size of ur hip and waist

waist hip

size 0: 23 - 24 33.5 - 34

size 1: 24 - 25 34.5 - 35

theres only like an inch of difference, but if they're skinny jeans they might be a little tight

might really depend on how the size 1 fitted u

Hope i helped!?


no, i'm also a size 1 & accidently bought a size 0 in jeans from hollister, and they would not fit.




yeah,but the pants wud practically climb u're *** so hard it wud hurt,maybe with time they'll get loose though,but yeah,with some extra effort in the 1st few times of wearing them.


you should be able to. but all pants are different.


depends on how tight the 1's are on you, and how big of a difference there is between the two.