Whats the best gradual tanning lotion?

i'm very pale and i just wanted to look tanner without turning orange or it wearing off super fast .ive been using this spray tan stuff thats pretty good but it wears off way 2 quick. Also, i wanna be able to put it on my face.make sure its lotion stuff. TY!


Never use johnsons- for us pale people it turns out all orange/ patchy and leaves us looking like oompa loompas. I would say dove is the best gradual tanner as its really nourishing and leaves a great finish result. Hope I helped!


i just bought this thing called strike gold from bath and body works. it works wonderfully (it's the first i've tried, though) and it doesn't turn you orange at all. you have to apply it a couple times a week, though. i think that's normal. it's one of the top products on their site, almost all of the reviews are positive


ummm th only way to get a tan without turning orange is actually tanning. but True Blue Spa Bronze Bombshell is realy good. put it all over (even face). do this about every other day for a week and go outside and tan for real. the first time you use it, it might burn but your skin isn't used to it. let it dry for an hour or two and then your good to touch stuff. yeah i forgot to mention you shouldnt touch anyone/anything for you will get streaks. fake tans get you started for a real tan. i suggest on the days you skip for the fake tan go outside and tan for real. in a few weeks you'll be real tanned and HOT! lol

hope this helps!


jergens sunless tanning lotion, it works fast, you wont look orange, its comes off in about 1 week after you stop using it(atleast for me) and plus its cheap.


johnsons holiday skin