Does anyone know a place in Orange County (CA) that would tattoo a minor?

I'm getting my first tattoo on my birthday :D

I'm 17 right now.

BUT my best fwends (they're twins) are going to Rocky Mountain college a week before my b-day!

&we all wanted to get a matching tattoo before they go!

They're 18 btw..

So does anyone know of a place?

I mean, it'll only be a week before my 18th b-day!


the indoor swap meet in anaheim got mine when i was 16


You are not going to want to hear this, but really, really don't go to a shop in CA that will break laws to tattoo minors. CA is one of the states that regulates tattoo shops and any place or artist that is willing to risk losing their license over tattooing a minor is going to risk or skimp it in health areas as well. And don't go to a unlicensed artist either working out of their house etc, for the same reasons.

Its hard to wait but the risk is really too high for you and your friends. Plus good licensed shops generally hire good artists who will do tattoos that your won't cringe looking at several years down the road.