How bad does getting your eye brows waxed hurt?

Hey there. So, on a scale of 1-10, how bad does getting your eyebrows waxed hurt? I want to get them waxed, and im really scared about the pain. Shots don't really hurt for me, in the beginning, for like a second yeah, but, not really. Please, compare it to things, for example. It hurts more than (___). Or, it feels like (____). Likes that:) so iknow what it feels like! Thank you

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omg! DONT be afraid shots hurt worse! I Get mine waxed every 3-4 weeks and it hurts about a 4 or 5. Seriously it's not painful. Don't be afraid i was and its nothing to get worked up about. This is coming from someone who cries when she gets shots. :) lolz good luck hope i helped you!


just a little bit


It hurts a little more than ripping off a band aid from a hairy area but not as bad as a shot. The worst is on the inside of the eyebrows closest to your eyes where the skin is thin. You just have to make sure that the wax isn't too hot or you can burned. Be sure and ask people for recommendations before you go someplace to get waxed.


Based on my personal experiences I would say a 3. It doesn't hurt as much as getting your ears pierced. It hurts the first couple of times but after a while you'll get used to it.


ehh ya i was scared my first time to! if it helps i can tell you whats going to happen. trust me your going to luck great! okay, so first they will take you into a private room. and they have a bedlike chair thing for you to lay in, your pretty much laying down, its pretty comfortable! haha okay so then they will probably ask you how you want them to look, or how the arch is and stuff. just answer the questions honestly. then they will prep your eyebrows with some lotion or lavender oil. then they will put small strips of wax on above and under and inbetween. the wax is normally warm and it feels really good! okay so then they will rip of the wax after it has dried (about 20 seconds) and its going to sting. but not nearly as bad as a shot. ive gotten plenty of shots in my life, and i actually enjoy getting my eyebrows done. it stings for a bit after too. and dont plan on going anywhere after because the skin around them might be a little red, but that only lasts around 30 minutes and then it goes away. its really fun and i think your going to look great once youve gotten yours done!


As long as they don't make a mistake and burn you, it feels a lot like one hair getting tweezed, but over a large area and you feel completely numb for a while as long as you don't touch it. Personally who did it for me burned me and it had to heal so that could just be all it was. I only shed two tears, one from each eye as it was being done, so it wasn't that bad.


It doesn't really hurt at all but since it is your first time I would let the person know that it is your first and they will not use the hard one for rough skin, they have different types of wax for your eyebrows they have sensitive for sensitive skin and they have a harder one for people who's skin can handle it, it doesn't hurt as bad as a shot so it doesn't really hurt at all! it doesn't hurt as bad as plucking them one by one either, that's more torture to me then it is removing all at once


it feels like a tiny burn and then when she puts the wx on it feels a bit like a more dull burn then it goes away in about 5 mins