Tattoo all mushy when peeling?

My tattoo is trying to peel, but whenever I was it and put moisturizer on it it goes all mushy and stops peeling. So should I stop putting moisturizer on it and just let it peel? Some parts roll off as mushy skin from being moist.


You're putting on way too much lotion. Cut back to only using the moisturizer once a day, after your shower. Excessive lotion will cause your tattoo to fade faster than it normally would, and it can slow the healing time leaving you vulnerable to infection.


Don't moisturized it too much.

I use Rocco's Old School Tattoo Balm on all of my old and new tattoo's.

It works great. Heals my new tattoo's nicely, keeps them moisturized and protect.

And still lets air pass through unlike Vaseline. Also makes my old tattoo's look new

Here's there website -


a tattoo scabs which looks like peeling, don't moisturise just antiseptic fluid, if it does not heal within 2 weeks seek a doctors help,infection might have got you before then but that you will know.


Sounds like you are using too much at a time.

Here's a great video on proper tattoo aftercare methods:…



Keep putting moisturiser on it and let the "mushy" dead skin come off when you wash. It'll stop peeling after a week or so and then it'll be fine.