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Deep breath!

Just try to stay calm

If you want to bring something to hug (I brought my teddy bear. Don't laugh at me i know I'm lame :P), or have someone come so you can squeeze their hand

And don't look at the needle! That'll help

Good luck!


Lol Aww It'll Be Fine. I Had Get Mines Around 3 Years Aqo. Before Yu Knoww It It'll Be Over. But Anyways Yu Have No Choice But To Get Them Or Yu Wont Proceed Onto The Next Grade So Jus Get The Shots And Get It Over With, It's Not Bad lol


Close your eyes even before he is ready to put the needle in... You won't see it coming so it wont be a big deal! Also, hold someones hand! You can also ask your doctor if you can listen to your ipod!

Good luck!


i have had them and i am terribly afraid of needles. relax the arm that you are getting your shot in; pretend like its spaghetti! this will make the shot hurt less because the needle will have to go through less muscle. when you are getting the shot DONT LOOK! look out the window or something, it helps me when i dont look at the needle.

dont freak out about it! i do that and it makes it worse. its just mind over matter. it wont hurt as much as you think it will. its a slight pinch and its over! just think of something happy(:

good luckk(:


I didn't get the shot last year (I'm going into eighth grade), I got the mist thingy instead. But personally, I would get the shot. The mist is like, getting water shot up your nose. It's makes your eyes red and watery, not fun. :( I have friends who got the shot, and they all say it's not so bad. Hurts for a second, then done. You should be fine. Wish ya luck!


i already got my seventh grade shots and it did not hurt that bad. just don't watch.


It's over fast. Close your eyes and think of a really pretty place, like a waterfall or lake you've been to. They really don't hurt very much. One of them makes your arm muscle sore for the next few days, though. Can't remember which one. That part kind of sucks.


i was scared when i was going to get it too, but you have to relax cuz it will make it hurt less. soooo just relax and the day after, make sure no one hits it because it willl be sore. at my school everybody was hitting mine on purpose when i got it cuz it was funny i guess.