Im 12 and i have an ingrown nail on my big toe on the side ?

How can i take it out painlessly because i will cry alot and im really scared ! Its red and swollen but hurts


Hi Sweetie,

For temporary relief, there is a product your Mom or Dad could buy at the drugstore called "Outgro", which is a liquid that makes the nail area soft and flexible enough to GENTLY cut it out. After you cut it out, put some peroxide on a little piece of cotton and stick it there, change it every few hours. I promise it won't hurt.

But like others have said, you are better off going to a podiatrist (foot doctor) who can fix the problem altogether and you will not have ingrowns anymore. I had it done myself because of the way my toenails grew in. I have had ingrown toenails my whole life, and wearing closed-toed shoes was very hard for me.

The only thing that will hurt is the medicine they put in your big toes (it burns a little) but then it goes numb like at the dentist and you won't feel anything. Then you follow the foot doctor's advice to keep your toes clean, and before you know more ingrown toenails...ever!

Now would be a good time because you are out of school. Talk to your parents about it. You will feel a lot better. Good luck!


All the advice these others gave to you is fine if your toenail grows normally. When I was your age (and younger) I had ingrown toenails all the time. I finally went to a podiatrist and discovered that my toenail was trying to grow like a tube, well down into the meat of the toe. It required a minor office surgery where they removed some of the growth cell of the nail. They're not the best looking toes in the world now but I haven't had ingrown nails for 35 years. Worth every penny.


well it depends on how badly ingrown it is. if its on th start then you should put some disinfectant on it. this will help with the pain and swelling. then you need to cut the nail.

if its too far in, then its worth going for a pedicure! they will cut it the right way (very important so that it wont happens again..) and as painless as possible. plus you get a pedi! ;)


ahyyyeee .

DONT take that theres an easier way ^^^^^^^

you get a little bit of toilet paper and dip it in this stuuf where if its affected it bubbles i thinnk achoal ?

and you dip the tooilet paper and stuuf it in where your toe nail is in grown and it should start growing up and then you can cut it.NOT TOOOO deep.

do that for 2 weeks and it shall be gone .if not. . . then you may have to get a shot to deflate the nail ?


im 12 too! just get nail clippers and clip but dont pull!



You have to go to a podiatrist or a surgeon. Don't try it at home. The reason you have this problem is related to the way you trim your nails.

The nail should be cut straight across, not in a curve. The sides of the nail should be square.


i got 2 friends who had that.. they both had a little operation with a sting in the toe first so it doesnt hurt