Infected helix piercing?

I think my helix piercing is infected, although I can't be sure. It hurts when I bump it- only when I bump it. It bleeds when I take piercing out (have had to take it out twice for school but since then I put tape over it and leave it in) and it has this crusty scabby stuff (gross I know) around the earring. Like, a lot (I know what's normal for a lobe piercing but have never had a cartlidge one) Before this, when I took the earring out the base of the piercing was red and looked like a bit like an inflated blister. I'm making it sound quite bad I know, but normally when piercings are infected they would hurt more...I think? Anyways. I suspect the reason for this is that after 4 months of getting it done (which by the way was the recommended healing time they told me, now I know it can take up to 1 year!) I changed the earring. The earring I changed it to was one of the ones that you get your lobs pierced with. I used sea salt spray for the 4 months till it ran out.

I've been told not to turn the earring as you are meant to with the lobe ones cos it inflames the fistula, but since I havn't been doing that the crusty stuff has become quite...prolific

Please help me- I've been having this trouble since I got it pierced.

Any products which I should use? Should I see a doctor?

Thanks :)


infected piercing means that its area is swolen, very very red, painful and gross stuff is coming out of the piercing. sounds to me like it is just irritated.

i have 1 healed helix, and 1 that is only 3 months old.

i dont know how you clean your ear, but i just let water run over it for a minute or 2

after that i boil some water, pour 250ml is a cup, add a tea spoon of seasalt, and put the cup over your ear for 10 minutes, water should be a little warm...

after that let clean water run over your ear to wash the salt water off

(im allergic to soap)

when its very irritated do it twice a day, otherwise just once a day or once every 2 days is enough... unless you sport alot

this way you dont have to move the piercing at all, it sounds just a bit irritated to me.. when i sleep on my new helix i also get more crusts in the morning and red behind my ear and it hurts when i press against it... its normal... its a tough spot to heal, and it will NOT heal in 4 months... takes 6-9 months to heal... ( imo more like 9 - 12 months )

and if i were you i wouldnt change the piercing yet... just leave it in, dont touch it... just when you have to clean it

and if you are not sure always go back to the piercing shop


the red inflated blister that you were talking about sounds like a keloid. (I'm not a professional, I'm just assuming based on research)

Keloids are kind of like a scar tissue that can form when there is too much movement within the piercing (Over cleaning, twisting etc. )

To remove, I have heard of a couple of ways to help.

-Try diluted Tea Tree oil. Apply a small amount to the keloid with a Q-tip. If this doesn't reduce the size of the keloid, try putting one tablet of Aspirin into a small amount of water and then apply it to the keloid with a Q-tip. or just sprinkle a crushed aspiring tablet directly onto the piercing before you go to bed.

I really hope this helps you! :)

good luck