What is the white crusty stuff in my underwear?

I sometimes see that there's white crusty stuff in my underwear. I don't have period yet, and I'm 11. What's happening and what is it? No bad answers please.



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It's called discharge. It's just your body releasing fluid. It won't hurt anything and will lessen (it did for me) when I started my period.


Maybe you need to take better showers?


Nasty veejayjay.


discharge...It cleanses the body including the vagina.


its discharge, so its natural


It is vaginal discharge. It is completely normal and all girls/women have it.


those ppl are stupid as hell it happens to everyone esp. when pregnant it gets ridiculous its discharge completely normal talk to your mom you might be getting ready to start.


It's discharge, you haven't started your period yet but i started getting that like a year before i even started mine. just make sure to change your underwear regularly!