How many tattoo's does Christofer Drew from never shout never have?

The few minutes I asked the same question but had some mistakes so I made new one.

I'm from Portugal so my English its not very good :s I'm sorry i hope you understand ^^



He has a peace sign on his left foot.

He has lines/bands on both his biceps.

He has a treble cleff on his right thigh.

He has a bass cleff on his left thigh.

He has 2 anchors on his hands with his parents initials.

He has "Love is my weapon" across his chest.

He has "live free" across his knuckles.

He has a large dove above underneath the "Love is my weapon"

He has a sun on his right shoulder.

He has a moon on his left shoulder.

He has a live tree underneath the sun.

He has a dead tree underneath the moon.

He has a yinsyang sign on both his elbows.

He has black birds underneath both yingyang signs.

He has a greek symbol on both his forearms.

He has the Chinese symbol for Taoism inside a circle and two bands on his right wrist

He has "Faith" in Hebrew on his right wrist ( His first tattoo)

And he has tiny stars inside his Chinese tattoos.

In total about, 26 tattoos. and he's so getting more xD


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