What does a SKULL TATTOO symbolize ?

or whats the point of it ?


It symbolizes whatever you want it to be and I love skulls and having great artwork on me so that's why I got mine. I have a death bat for my favorite band A7X and skulls around it to make it a great piece and I just love skulls. My artist custom drew my design and then tattooed it on me and I have got all of my tattoos from him. The point is because people get what they love tattooed on them and people have their reasons for it so it doesn't matter if you don't understand why but just know that they love it and thought long and hard about what they wanted tattooed on them. I don't regret any of my tattoos and it's what I wanted so I love them all.…


It can be anything the owner wants it to be, but it's generally just a simple, common design.


I thought I heard a scene kid say the other day that skull tattoos are a symbolism of the bare bones truth about being homosexual.


It can symbolize whatever YOU want it to: That you're a fan of the band The Grateful Dead, that you're studying to be a chiropractor, that your favorite cartoon villain as a kid was Skeletor....etc., etc.

Please answer mine?…