How Can I Wash My Hair With A New Industrial Cartilage Piercing? Read?

About a week and a half ago I got an industrial piercing in my right ear. I've been taking baths, but instead of washing my hair, I've been using dry shampoo powder from Sephora. Obviously, I can't use dry shampoo stuff forever. I need to know how I can wash my hair (my hair is pretty long, just a few inches above the middle of my back, and it's super thick) without disturbing the piercing. Help! Thanks in advance!


Just wash your hair as normal, though being extra careful not to bash the piercing. And rinse it off thoroughly with fresh water afterwards.

If you're extra wary, you could use baby shampoo. But normal shampoo isn't that harsh and generally doesn't cause any problem.


Flip your head over into the bath tub and wash your hair and use the shower to rinse the shampoo off!