My industrial piercing is swollen, is that normal?

A few people bumped into it today.

I've been cleaning it regularly. (3 times a day)

It's definitely not infected. (Have many piercings, I know what an infection looks like.)



I am a licensed piercer. And i have my industrial too. use green tea trea oil. you can buy it at walmart with the vitamins. if its infected it will help the infection go away and it heal quickly. if its not infected it will STILL help the healing process and prevent keiloids and infection. :D i promise this will help. the stuff stinks. but it does wonders :D


I think it's normal


This just happened to me the other day. It was swollen and red. I went to the place I got the piercing a day or 2 later and they said it was completely normal in the 1st month. Icing it is really good for the piercing. They said it was the best thing you could do.


it is very normal. be careful from now on. you dont want people to bump into it because it slows down your healing process and makes the area even more sensitive.

you should only clean it twice a day unless you are doing sports or exercising then three times.

do sea soaks and this will help the swelling go down. you can also hold a piece of ice on it to help the swelling go down.

dont sleep on your ear either!

hope this helps.


It depends on how long you've had it. But yeah, it's pretty normal. I've had an industrial for almost 5 months now, it still gets a little swollen if it gets knocked around during the day.

Industrial piercings (along with any other cartilage piercing) take a year to fully heal. (annoying, but true)