Question about my nostril piercing?

I got my nostril pierced about 2 weeks ago by a professional with a needle, and it never bled when I got it and it still hasn't bled. I know this sounds stupid but, is it normal that my piercing hasn't bled?

I'd really appreciate it if you didn't insult me for getting a nose piercing. You don't need to waste your time insulting me.

Thank you! :)


Yes its totally normal, that just means that your piercing is healing well and your taking good care of it. Keep it up. It usually bleeds if the piercing is irritated or if its infected.


Don't worry. Most piercings don't bleed because when you get pierced, they put jewelry in it's place so it blocks the blood from coming out so it's perfectly fine.


most piercings don't bleed or only bleed a few drops. the needle is immediately replaces by the jewelry which holds pressure on the wound, preventing it from bleeding. if the piercer were to pull the needle out without putting in the stud, blood would run down your face and drip off your chin


I have my nose pierced (and have had it for many years now) and mine didn't bleed when I got it done. I suppose there was a tiny bit of blood where the needle went through, but it didn't drip blood or anything. Once the ring was in I have never had a problem with it, never been infected or anything.

Sounds like you are on the right track! :-) Keep doing what you are doing.