Lip piercing choice question?

I have my eyebrow done and I am getting my lip done this summer. I would like to know:

1)Out of the vertical labret, snakebites and spider bites, which one gets in the way the least (of brushing teeth, eating, basic comfort, etc?)

2) Which is the least painful?

3) Is it better to get two piercings at once and risk the swelling or to get one done and have the other done a week later but be way more painful?

3) Is this or is this not a spider bite? Link below…

Mature people only please, and it's the last picture. Sorry, it's the only link I could find for that picture.

Also what's the average price on these?

Sorry to ask this again, but the only answer I got last time was from a complete loser.


your link doesnt work. but if it was a picture of 2 piercings on on side on the bottom then yes.

i have had my snakebites done and a regular lebret piercing done.

so i can only say from experience that lip piercings really don't hurt besides being sore for a week or 2. they dont really get in the way of anything, forgot i had them for the most part.

vertical labrets are really awesome looking but they seem like they would be more painful, the first time i did my right side, he pierced it nearly vertical on accident straight through my lip and it hurt like a *****. and they seem like they would get in the way because they are just sitting right there on top, so chap lips and bumpy kisses maybe?

as for spiderbites, im sure they hurt about as bad as snakebites, except the swelling would probably be much worse because they are so close together.

hope i helped!