What do you think of this tattoo? Pic included, sorry!?

If you saw a women wearing this tattoo, what would you think?

I really like the look of it-im thin too, and 18 years old, i would probably change the flowers colors to a pinkish red more but what are your opinions guys/girls?

do you think its too big of a tattoo, not very "femanine" not attractive?

I just don't know how it will look when i get older even though I would take care of it.



it's an amazing tattoo and if you get it done by a good artist it will look great, but definitely change it up a bit to make it unique to you, like with different colours and stuff. My friend just got a similar tattoo on her back, and i would say if this is going to be your first, then really really think about whether you'll be able to handle at least 90 minutes (judging by the size). If you have a very high pain threshold you may be able to, but you should be prepared for at least 2 sittings for a tattoo that size, especially as it will be on you ribs which I can tell you from experience kills. It probably won't look too bad when you're older as the rib cage generally doesn't wrinkle to badly, but make sure you too stick to the after care plan religiously :)

Good luck!


I think it's a freakin' beautiful piece.


how could that be "not very feminine"

it is very pretty but it is very large so you better be sure you really want it

good luck


You never really know who's giving you advice on here,

so you never know if it is truely worth a damn...

You just can't worry about what may, or may not,

happen in the years to come...Live Now...Enjoy Life...

After all ...We're not promised any tomorrows.


i would switch it up a bit my sister has about same size on her side and it looks Amazing think you should get it i would not get it if you are not shur of it...when u get old and wrinklie it will become a blob but who cares u wont be wearing bikinis :)