How much will a septum piercing hurt?

I want my septum done, and i know it'll probably hurt, but I just want an estimate on how much 1-10.


It's a very sensitive area, depending on your nose the area needed to be pierced could be solid cartilage so it's gonna hurt more than say your lip or your eyebrow or something.

Everyone's pain tolerance is different though. You will tear up though, guaranteed, just like a nose piercing, any nostril piercing should make you cry. (not out of pain!)

I suggest not going into it thinking it won't hurt at all, because that way it seems to hurt way more.

All piercings hurt in some way.


Pain. Eyes water. But hey the septum piercing looks ******* good :)


Dude, it's a piercing. It's getting a hole punched through your skin. Of course it will hurt heaps. But that's no reason not to get it :)


pain is relative to tolerance.

personally I would rate mine as a 2. barely noticed it.

your eyes will water, but that is about it.

#4… < Give that a look....

buddies fiancée has one, she said it just felt like a bee sting.


I have about 30 piercings (6 facial) and the worse one was my septum. It hurt like a BIATCH! I got it pierced with a 16g. I was going to do a 14g because all my piercings are 14g. But I got it with 16g and had to redo it right away because it was crooked. I wasn't willing to do 14g. It took 5 months to heal. I got a keloid for 4 months. But afterwards, it was perfect.

1-10... I'd say 2 or 3. But I'm comparing that to a lot worse pains. But my nose is kinda weird, has cartilage where it shouldn't.. hard to explain.


I had mine done re-done on saturday. I'll be honest, I barely felt it, my eyes just watered a lot.

It#ll hurt like no mans business if you get it done through the septal cartilage, which more inexperienced piercers often do. You're pierced through the 'sweet spot', which is a very thin piece of skin before the nasal tip, and between the septal cartilage.

I'd say about 2/3/10. The worst bit is the watering eyes, definitely!