If you see a person with a tattoo your first thought is...?

I also realise what the design is, but say it's from a distance and you just see that they have one. What's the first thing that would come to mind?


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Although I do not have one, and probably never will, I like them. Most of my friends, my husband (whole back done) have them. If you get the right Tattoo artist a tattoo can come out gorgeous.


cool !


I wonder what the story behind it is.


So gangsta..


I just kinda wonder cool lol :D. but my mom Hates tattoos so whenever she shes like 1 on a girl she freaks out lol...




Instantly attracted to them. :DDD


If it is a **** cliche tattoo, like this woman i once saw with a playboy bunny on her arm, then what a douche. (BTW. there is no way she was a bunny as she was ugly and fat!)

If it is awesome i think i wonder why they got that and that is awesome!