Swollen rook piercing, is it ok?

I got my rook pierced about 6 days ago. It's been going really well. I've been cleaning it 3 times a day, and not touching it otherwise. I don't have any puss or discharge. There's no sign of any infection my piercing looks very healthy. But, I slept on it two nights ago and it has been swollen and throbbing since then. I haven't been sleeping on it. I don't think it's infected and I know that it's a very hard piercing to heal and could be swollen for a long period of time. Any suggestions on the swelling and/or what to do? If anything? Thanks!


First off, don't put any extreme heat or pressure on your ear for the next 3-ish months because it's going to be tender and that will increase the swelling. Don't apply anything really cold either, ice for example. That'll constrict the blood vessels, irritate your ear and it won't give it time to heal like it needs to.

To take down the swelling, you can just wait it out or you can try gently laying a warm, wet wash rag on your ear to open up the blood vessels a bit. You'll probably get a throbbing feeling through your ear but that pushes the blood through faster so the swelling reduces but make sure the rag isn't hot. Don't push it against your ear, just lay it on your ear when your laying on your other side or something.



it's normal. both of mind did that about a week after getting them pierced. if it doesn't go away in a week or at most two, go get it checked out.


Just sounds a little irritated! Careful not to catch it on anything or sleep on it again.

If you do sea salt soaks, add a chamomile teabag to one. Chamomile is renowned to be soothing. You can also use a wet chamomile teabag as a hot compress.

If the swelling is bothering you a lot, taking ibuprofen is supposed to help, too!