Is my belly button piercing infected? [Picture]?

I got my naval pierced 3 days ago and I was just wondering if this inflammation is normal?


Hmm, that looks a little odd. It might just be the way your body reacts to that, because mine never did that. Everyone's different though!

Don't get worried about it just yet. It's a brand new piercing so of course there will be reactions. Think about it, Your body just had something stuck through it! A piercing is a wound to your body, at least till it heals.

Keep cleaning it regularly. Warm water and salt should be good. I used about a cup and a half of water and 1/4 of a tablespoon of salt. Unless the shop where you got it pierced recommended something different, use that.

If the inflammation continues, go back to the shop and ask them about it.

Hope all goes well!


yeah its normal....this will be there for two three days...but if it persist & it pains..its better that u consult a doctor! :D


It doesnt seem to be infected. Keep it thoroughly clean and dont touch it with dirty hands.


Either that or its just REALLY inflamed. When my mom got her belly button ring infected right after she got it she just cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and got a better ring that wasn't so cheap.


I have my belly button pierced and it took about a week for the redness to go away. I used sea salt mixed with warm water to keep it clean. It will be sore for a couple of weeks, but if it starts having a yellowish green pus then you may be allergic to the ring. I can only wear gold so I had to buy one and mine has healed up very well. I hope this helps!