I know that you use lemon to lighten your skin but do you just rub it all over your face?

I want to lighten my skin but with the lemon will it work dramatically so i can know when to stop and i also want to use it for my legs and arms other then my face. Please don't tell me to be comfortable in my own skin , this is a reality world not fairytale


ok well what i use is just for your face because if you use it all over it will feel like a burn/sting i use lime juice and hydrogen peroxide (you pore half and half into a bottle and just put in on like a mask for only 5 min a day) it sorta bleaches another method i use is rice water and almond water (those two don't sting) those not only make your skin lighter but it makes it Heather it you want to know more plz email me don't be shy


I have lightened my skin up to 5 tones now!

I had not just scars but uneven skin tone all over my face and neck. My shoulders were blemished as well. I got rid of the marks and have treated pimples and such with Macy's Day and Night cream. I got rid of clogged pores with macy's Ginseng and placenta soap bar.

I ordered them only to try for a month but now i can't do with out them..

I had similar condition on my back and the cleanser good for the whole body. Very refreshing feel too.

I noticed that my skin all over my body, lightened over the first week and also looked very healthy.

Only thing is that I had to tone my face everyday at least once to remove sebum collection.

The creams lacked moisture so i sprayed mineral water b4 i applied the creams.

Now I am mantaining my skin with the same creams and my skin is less saggy or oily and much fairer.

Yes Not everyone looks great with a tan..