How to get big boobs fast?

What are some foods you can eat to have big boobs? And if there are none, are there any tips?


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This recipe helped me a lot. You will need:

-1 glass of water

-1 teaspoon of salt

-1 teaspoon olive oil

-1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Pour the salt, oil, and sugar into the glass of water and stir to mix it up. The ingredients combine to form a chemical compound called HVC/30f, that helps boobs grow.

If you want best results, drink the recipe on an empty stomach.


rub cocoa butter on them every day for the next month


No. Rub your boobs,buy a pushup bra or get implants.


boobs arent everything, plus you can't make your boobs grow, its called genetics.

if you really want your boobs to get bigger its called a boob job,


does you family have big bazooms? if so youll inherit them. if not i suggest a funbag job lol. theres really nothing you can do, or eat to make them grow.. but exercising the pectoral muscles makes them firmer. NOT BIGGER. also a great push up bra does wonders. if your looking to make them LOOK bigger, makeup helps. look up "makeup tips to get a bigger chest" or whatever and it will show you what kind of makeup to use or tops to wear to make them stand out more. i suggest those heart collar tops, or a push up bra with a tight tank top, to push them together, then some makeup lol.


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do you really want to have fat boobs?! that is grose