How am i supposed to get rid of an ingrown toe nail?

I have one on the outter corner of my left big toe. Its a little red and swolen (i think its irrated by pool water, i went swimming alot this week.) Im going to Oregon on tuesday and i want it gone or at least better by then. Also what will happen if i just leave it and dont do anything with it? Thanks :P


Do not cut down the side of the nail like the other person suggested. This makes it worse when it grows back. You need to understand that when a nail is growing like this, your skin will produce slightly more skin to compensate for the digging in. You need to clean this out as it will be dead skin trapped under making it more sore. You need to get a manicure set or a pair of nail clippers which have a flat thin metal blunt hook on it. Use this to clean down the underside of the nail. Soak your foot and clean all trapped dead skin underneath the nail, it maybe painful. It will relieve pressure of the dead skin. If you are too frightened get to a podiatrist. Never cut an ingrown toenail out...always trim them by going straight across.

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Definitely see a podiatrist, they'll take care of it in no time.


You need to cut nail. Your nail is growing into your toe. If you cut nail and pull away away from sore area. It will get better.


Buy some Toenail Softening Solution and put it on your toenails so that it's not such a hard surface pressing into your skin.

Also try clipping the corners that are pressing into your skin.