How painful are tattoos?

How painful are tattoos?


Depends how big and where you get it.. Ribs hurt, feet hurt, chest kind of hurts, ( if your collar bones get ratted too) and your forearm hurts if you don't gave alot of meat on them.. But after a couple minutes you don't feel the needle you just feel the vibration..


depends entirely on where you plan to get them and how much body fat is in that area, some can be very painful some can be just a little irritation


It all depends on a few things. Such as your pain tolerance, where you get the tattoo, how large the tattoo is, how much detail, how much shading/color and the artist.

For most people places like feet, ribs, chest and hands are painful parts.

Still to me no tattoo is every that painful. Not so painful it isn't worth getting if you want it.


The location of the tattoo determines the amount of pain. In general the closer to the bone the more it hurts. The more fatty the underlying skin the less it hurts.

Make no mistake - getting a tattoo hurts no matter where it is. In general you can expect (on a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the worst you've ever felt) between 3 and 6. But take that with a grain of salt; your 10 is probably not as high as mine (it's been a rough life).