What piercing would look nice on me? (Pictures included)?

I'm 15, I've always wanted a septum piercing. But I actually hate my nose. Weird I know.. But I don't know what piercing would look nice on me, plus my ears are stretched :D

Oh and don't tell me piercings are gross, that's your opinion and you shouldn't be here :c


A nose or lip (monroe or ring) piercing would look nice, but I've heard that with lip piercings there are complications with the metal on the inside of your lip damaging your teeth and such, so I would go for the nose.


monroe or how ever yew spell it


Get a monroe!


How about a Medusa? I think that would look nice.


monroe piercing :)



-same thing I tell most girls about piercings- "you're too pretty to have scrap metal hanging off of your face".


u would rock it. i love them too and i also am not too fond of my nose but i think that larger noses look nice with them too.