Are Chubby Cheeks On a Girl Unattractive?

Okay so I'm a 15 year old girl and ever since I was young I've have chubby cheeks My cheeks have actually slimmed down some since I was a little girl, but there still a little more fuller than other girls. I am very petite and small, but it's just my face! I have excepted it and actually think pudgy cheeks are cute, I think there is nothing wrong with it and actually think it's kind of pretty. Although I have been told many times that I'm wrong, that the slimmer cheeks a girl has the more attractive she is. Which really upsets me. I have been told that I have the same face shape as Kirsten Dunst, and I agree with them, my cheeks look almost exactly like hers. Only thing is that my cheeks are a little bit chubbier than her, especially when I smile. But my face doesn't look fat, mainly cause I carry it well. But still, I'm worried that I will always be baby cute and guys won't ever find me attractive for this. People have told me that I'm not ugly I just have a fat face, which still hurts :(

I'm afraid my cheeks will always make me nothing but baby cute! I'm really insecure about it, it's hard to smile cause I'm slightly embarrassed.

So guys or girls who know what guys like is it unattractive fo a girl to have chubby cheeks?

What should I do if it is considered ugly?



no, look at emily browning. she has pretty chubby cheeks and she's adorable.


i wish i had cheeks :(

i grew out of mine now i look like a dead person when pics arent taken at the right angle


Gurrrl, I'm petite & I have FAT cheeks! they'e cute!:D


I have cheeks like yours too. Really pudgy. But most boys I know like to pinch them. My boyfriend says they're adorable.

It depends on the person, I think.


No it is not ugly I have chubby cheeks also but there are ways to shape ur head also. Be ware u will get cheek pinching. It depends on the guy or girl. I think they are fine. People are born the way they are and should stick that way. :D


You know having chubbier cheeks makes you less prone to getting wrinkles when youre older? The more cushioning and fat you have on your face now, the better youll age. And the people with high cheekbones now get wrinkles and lose skin elasticity earlier.

Thought this was a helpful bit haha.